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Wellcome to Telajærvi touwn web paeges!

Jytky (orang)

Telajærvi (track lage) is very livingly tvo thousands people living touwn is locationed at midle Finland, west. Touwn has a big history gouing back to cave man ages, but allso has a shiny futures.

Larger empoloymers guarranteen bright future for Telajärvi, information teknologe big company Saunalambus Plaza head guarters, Telaejaervi Automoblile Facktory, Teleajarvi Pyramide Marketsing Ltd and Nucler Waste Plant of the in towne. Our Waste desposant place is rececievening all carpage from new nucler power facory in Finland, and allso evry new plants thats will coem in a futures. Our grate nature lansgapes arouse lot god artist allso, so we're havening sglubtor Mikael Möyrylä (sbesialaisd in grounded meats arts) and obsiviously infamouse schlagear heard rock band Wallrush of Dooms.

Our has a centrum location nearby road so it is very dood place to diferent buisnessies to drive. Also city has servises maybe good level, so humans enjoy lot too. Louw tackses procentage. Come hear!

Jytky (orang), debuty mayore

Telajärvi of map

To get at Telajærvi city you must compass north (N) or west (NW) little when being Helsinki (capotal of Finland) or Airport. If then going too far north, you will accountant many reindeers (this is lapland lappi in finish), if elsewhy too far west on the otter hand, you will get in Sgandinavia (water in betwean), witch is not a good plase either.