Raisin Bran

Säv: trad. San. & Sov: Kirk Carpet & Walrus of Doom

They have this stuff in the corner store
They call it the Raisin Bran
It's been a great help for constipation
And me, Oh Gods, I'm a fan

I used to eat a lot of cheese
It made me poop once a year
And when I went, to end torment, and the great unease
The shitter blew and so did my rear

Oh brothers, cheeselovers, be careful out there
Never do like I have done
Fibre helps, no more yelps, it's your ass so hold it dear
Eat bran and you'll crap just for fun

So next time you go by the cereal aisle
Give a try to the Raisin Bran
I promise you'll find it truly worthwhile
But make sure you're close to the can