Combination Extraordinaire

San. & Sov: Double James Toaster, Säv: Jose Donkey

Pig... and a horse!
Most excellent combination
They go nicely together
Yes, i never knew just how well
It's like Crockett and Tubbs
Or peanut butter and buns
Short and fat and tall and thin
Like Sonny and Cher

Pig... and a horse!
What a perfect harmony
Running in the rye field
Hunting badgers and mollusks
And weasels and penguins
And earthworms and tulips
Sometimes for the sport of killing
A badger's low on dietary fibre

Pig... and a horse!
It's a marvellous union
They are both rather hairy
They eat plankton in the woods
If I go and I shoot one now
The other one will die of sorrow
I shall grind them up together
And fry them for burgers

Pig... and a horse!
Eternally bonded together
In my digestive system